By Seun Obatuyi

what I do here -

Scuba Scuba

What exactly do I do on this blog?

Honestly, when I started this blog I had not the faintest idea. Honestly.

[Update] Two years later, things are pretty shaping up now, and I’m beginning to have a better idea.

Welcome to my blog.  I am Seun Obatuyi.

I’m always ready to engage anyone who is open in an interesting discussion about basically anything they or I love – for hours. For some reason, this seems to cross out many of the young women I’ve been meeting these days. Unfortunate me, perhaps. My posts may be about these experiences with people. Or not.

What I Do In Real Life

I help businesses get rid of those clumsy moments when they can’t find their web pages on Google’s front page. My posts may be about the fantastic things I do for work. Or maybe not.

I have a strong sense of fairness – both on issues of right and wrong, and in the balance of relationships. My posts may be about my views about life. Or better still, not.

Nature Photography turns me on. I don’t mean “that” way. I mean the other, good way. Yeah.

I’m an avid swimmer, constantly seeking deeper and deeper artificial water systems to ballet in. While I do appreciate your possible willingness to quickly suggest that I swim in water bodies other than pools, (for example oceans and seas, or in pure argon gas while roaming on Uranus) but trust me, when I say I’m OK with pools.

About What I Intend Doing Sometime Before I Die (If I Will)

Someday, I wanna get married and have two kids. I am going to skydive. But before that, scuba diving in the clear waters of Bora Bora will definitely be achieved; explore life-forms underwater and hangout with friendly teenage sharks and ray fish. Talk about cross-species equality.

At the slightest urge, do feel free to reach me at seunobatuyi[[at]] Yes, anything.