Konga & Jumia Black Friday Offer Tips

by Seun Obatuyi & Oyindamola Solanke

jumia black friday yakata
Jumia Black Friday Yakata

Will there be Konga & Jumia Black Friday Offers?

Yes! Jumia and Konga have confirmed that they will be giving Black Friday offers to Nigerian buyers…

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday as it is known today is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the U.S. when many stores are customarily expected to beat the prices of their items down to very low prices, as an initiative to reward customers.

Black Friday is one day set aside for the buyer to be a winner, no matter what he’s buying. Black Friday gives you an opportunity to buy original fashion items, jewelry, electronics, phones and accessories at ridiculously cheap prices.

When is Black Friday?

This year 2014, Black Friday falls on 28 November.

Black Friday in the U.S.

See a comprehensive list of over 100 U.S. stores offering Black Friday sales.

Konga & Jumia Black Friday Offers in Nigeria

The result of all these has been the announcement by Nigeria’s leading online stores Jumia and Konga that they will be creating the Black Friday experience here for Nigerians as well. Black Friday sales in Nigeria will see – a lot of records being set and broken, no doubt.

Jumia Black Friday offers

Jumia, apparently established in 2012 with the aim of mimicking Amazon’s model, is an African online store where you can get to buy fashion items, electronics, mobiles, toys and more. Jumia needs no more introduction than that. Jumia also announced a pre Black Friday price slash, you need to rush down as people are buying available items up pretty fast; even though they claim to add new deals every hour.


Jumia appears to have taken the first steps in building Nigerians’ anticipation for Black Friday. Jumia executes quick, and are currently steps ahead in the SEO war with Konga. Jumia seems to be the slightly preferred brand by consumers.

Jumia accepts returns till the 14th day after purchase.


Don’t be surprised, Jumia may not always have the lowest prices.

Free shipping starts at as much as N10,000. Shop for Jumia Black Friday here.

Konga Black Friday deals

Though Konga started out in 2012 as an electronics store, you can buy anything from fashion items to mobile phones to jewelry and home appliances; pretty much the same items you can find on Jumia.


Konga definitely have significantly lower prices on a wide variety of items than Jumia. Definitely.

Konga Free Shipping starts from a kind N5,000. Yay!


Konga announced Fall Yakata offers, its own version of Black Friday, quite late.

Konga don’t accept returns after the 7 days. Shop for Konga Black Friday here.

Konga & Jumia Black Friday Sales Tips

Free delivery: Take advantage of free delivery options. Free delivery on Jumia starts at 10,000. Free delivery on Konga starts at N5,000.

Returns: Returns are generally accepted. If you wish to return, make sure the item is packed as new. Read Konga’s Return Policy here. Read Jumia’s Return Policy here. Whatever you do though, they both won’t accept returned underwear!

How to pay: Both Konga and Jumia accept card payments as well as cash on delivery.

Quick Order: Be quick about making your orders; many people mean this Konga & Jumia Black Friday business seriously. The fastest fingers get the items. Really. The fastest fingers get the items.

Customer care: If you need help about buying an item, call or chat up customer care fast. One time, I was shopping on an online store, and I had difficulty adding up a product to my cart. It took me about a few minutes to think towards calling customer care. By the time I did wake up to contact them, the product had been taken already.

Planning Ahead: In other not to get confused and end up not getting anything to buy on that day, it is advisable to draw up a list of items you want or need to get beforehand. Knowing exactly what you want makes it easier to shop. It’s also advisable to start shopping early because traffic will be heavy on shopping sites.

Happy shopping! (Go on, don’t worry about me, I’ll be Ok.)

What do you think about the Konga & Jumia Black Friday sales? Did we miss anything in this post? Hit us in the comments section below.


    • Hi Austin,

      You don’t need to register before you shop on most sites. You can select the products you’re interested and then proceed to register just as you are about to checkout on the site you’re shopping on.

      Move fast, Austin. Some sites will begin from 6PM Thursday.

  1. I dont know about Konga, but Jumia’s black friday was a scam. I now have multiple confirmed cases of them delivering the wrong product or a faulty one, then they tell you there’s no return for items purchased on black friday.

    I ordered and paid for a 16GB OTG flash drive for Android Phones and they brought me a USB card reader. the difference in price is alarming, yet they have refused responsibility for their mistake and are hiding behind a No return policy that they claim they broadcasted to customers. i dont see it here, so its safe to say that this policy is fake?

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