GTBank iRefer Offer

by Seun Obatuyi

GTBank iRefer Offer Flier-
I have both great and not so-great views on GTBank iRefer

Couple of weeks ago, GTB rolled out a new offer for its customers. It’s called GTBank iRefer  . This offer is interesting to me. Especially because I think GTB to be one of the most well-created companies on the continent. If there’s anything I’m far alone on, it’s not on this one. The 2.2 million people on Facebook who like the brand make that certain. You ever notice how minority people who don’t like GTBank fight to keep their faith? People like my cousin, Sola.


What is GTBank iRefer?

GTBank iRefer is GTB’s new program meant to reward you, a customer for referring a new customer to the bank. Thousands of people have done this same act for this brand-cautious bank – for free – wonder why… this is just coming up in 2014.

How Does GTBank iRefer Work?

Two ways. By walking into a branch. Or by Internet Banking.


1. How GTBank iRefer Works – Branch

Initially, I fantasized it was gonna work like this:

I simply walk into a GTB branch, and tell someone there “Hey guys, I got this friend, who I think should get a GTB account. Could you guys check him up and try to make sure he gets one?”


Too good be true, hunh? Well, participating in the GTBank iRefer offer is actually just as simple as that. Only that, rather than GTBank having to check the person up physically as I imagined, they get to pop up in your friend’s email and they’re expected to refer to you as the reason why they’re showing up in your friend’s email.


2. How GTBank iRefer Works – Internet Banking

If you use internet banking, you don’t even have to walk into a banking hall to participate in the GTBank iRefer offer. Once you log into your internet banking, a few clicks around your dashboard, and you’re good to go. It’s so simple I shouldn’t spend more time on it. In the end, your friend whom you wish for them to open a GTB account gets an email prompting them to sign up.

Now Comes the Annoying Part for Me About the GTBank iRefer Offer

What you get for taking part in this activity is 100 Naira, permit me to use the expression, lovingly “lodged” into your account from GTB.


Let’s take the story again. Let’s assume there’s this friend of yours you care about. You like GTB. You want them to use GTB products as well. You don’t have internet banking yet. You usually would not go to a branch, because you use the ATM. This time, you decide to walk down to the nearest bus station. You take a bus. You come down and have to take another walk to the “nearest” GTB branch. Of course the weather is not friendly – least, not today. You greet the security after walking through the metal detector.


Remember, there you had to beat a queue. You know how it goes in GTB branch; finish that one and a longer queue awaits you at Customer Service. Yes, all this stress for a miserly 100 Naira or just about 50 U.S. cents.

In the meantime though, Is there any friend I want to refer to the GTBank iRefer program and for a mere 100 Naira in exchange? Capital Yes.

GTB increase that money and I may just consider it.

Skit: If you own a GTB account, chances are you’ve already invited your friends to do same also. If you’re my friend, and I ever, ever hinted at you years ago about opening a GTB account (or even mentioned GTB in a chat with you), you went behind my back to open it, and you’re reading this right now, no vex, but we’ll have to shut your current GTB account and you will have to fill form from me, abeg.


You, though, what do you think about the GTBank iRefer offer? Why do you think GTBank rolled out this offer? Why is the offer coming at this stage when they have millions of customers? Is the bank experiencing stagnancy in growth?


By the way, my name is Seun Obatuyi. This blog is an avenue for self-expression. Feel free to take a walk around.


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