Ebola Virus in Nigeria – How to Stay Safe

By Seun Obatuyi

The Ebola virus is here (in West Africa) and it hasn’t left yet. At first it was just Sawyer. And then the doctor who attended to him. And then the nurse. And now a total of 10 cases of the ebola virus in Nigeria. As a result of the paranoia scaring people up at night, a stream of information has been flowing around freely on the topic of Ebola virus, and I even know some professors by now.

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Ebola Virus

The chief hosts of Ebola virus are bats and apes. Did you know that monkeys are eaten a lot in Liberia? In this video, you can see… two locales from Liberia tearing apart a whole monkey for casual snack.


Ebola virus is not airborne. We’re grateful it isn’t, else all of us for don pai. This means you can talk to an Ebola virus patient and still be fine.


The only period when Ebola virus is contactable is when the patient is visibly sick. If you can’t see that someone is evidently sick from Ebola virus, you most likely are safe. But if you can see that someone is sick from the virus, stay away from touching them without stigmatizing, and make sure they get the help they should get.


You can’t catch the Ebola virus by swimming in a pool. This one makes me happy. Makes sense since someone visibly sick with symptoms all over them isn’t likely to be allowed in the pool. Anybody joining me this weekend?

Ebola virus is contactable through contact with the body fluids of the infected person. Urine, semen, saliva, blood, vaginal fluid and sweat are all implicated.


Drinking salt water doesn’t work against Ebola virus. Matter of fact, Minister of Health warns that it might actually raise your blood pressure. Please Dangote is a billionaire already selling salt, there’s no need to make it any easier than it is for the man.


Regular washing of your hands with soap keeps you safe from falling sick. That has always been true – Ebola or no Ebola. And by the way, it’s nothing special if a certain soap, sanitizer or anything at all claims to be active against 99.9% of known germs; 99.9% is the acceptable benchmark anywhere in the world. Which also means it can’t be considered reasonable to waste N600 on a so-called Ebola Virus Sanitizer and expecting better results. Let no one bobo you.


Avoid unnecessary gatherings. Wash your hands as soon as you return home from any outing.

Ironically, the Ebola virus appears strong, but it is actually weak. It hides and thrives in the body of a suitable host and will continue to reproduce until there’s no more room.

Place the virus however in the sun, alcohol or a washing machine and in each of those cases, you’ll see the Ebola’s shy nature.


Ebola in Nigeria or anywhere else, won’t end the human race; we’ve faced more ruthless enemies and each time we have come out atop. Nonetheless, you need a healthy slice of paranoia to survive this one as an individual. This one that I’m feeling headache so.

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