Courses That Should Be Scrapped Out Of the University System and Should Never Be Heard Of Again – Mass Communication

Mass Comunication Gets Personal -
There’s now a whole new level of “personalization” for what was Mass Communication that twenty years ago

By Seun Obatuyi

Mass Communication is the second one on my murder list. The first on my list is Computer Science. You can read my post about that one here. And you can check here if you wonder what exactly I do here.


First, the Mass in the Mass Communication

Mass Communication is on my list for good reason. And I’ll show you why from how the term was coined. Billions of years ago when the course was started, it was a perfect name. People (companies, essentially) wanted to communicate with everybody (all other people) at once. They didn’t understand that there was a need for them to listen.


Let’s take newspapers for example. How do we define a Newspaper? Black prints on pieces of white paper with hundreds of totally unconnected articles printed over a million times and gunning to be sold to middle-age businessmen and addicted female shoppers as well as reluctant high-school… teenagers and 69-year old sober widows, all at the same time.


And how did the newspapers try to make up for that? By adopting ridiculously tiny fonts (now you know why your landlord reads newspapers with glasses) and by placing the most unrelated articles as far from each other as possible. Business guys please take the front pages. Sports fellas can go through the back door.


Same for TV. While the papers try to put your special content on another page different from other readers, TV does the same by playing around with timing. The Morning Breakfast Show. The News at 10. Again the serious guys get the first minutes. Sports guys last.

One product for all. Jack of all trades. “Mass.” Dead. Mass no longer works. Content personalization does now. Mass should be scrapped. And where else than our universities.


Now the Communication in Mass Communication

Companies are no longer trying to communicate. Once they realized people were no longer listening, the move to “Connecting” and “Engagement” began. You’re connecting with your favorite brand when you follow them on Twitter. They are engaging you when they reply your tweet. Those two have conveniently replaced Communication.


Mass is dead. And in the preceding paragraph, we’ve met the new guys who replaced communication. Mass communication is no longer king. The shift to online content has taken place. Fortunately for mass communicators, they have joined the move to online content. Folks like CNN and Vanguard ain’t doing bad at all.


But for the new guys, attempting to study Mass communication now as a course is a waste of your precious time. Google would you be kind to direct more people who need this advise here. Please.


What mass communication is more concerned about is their adulterous-like relationship with numerous other users. No attempt whatsoever to personalize and feed you with what will engage you. We say no to that. Mass communication courses should be scrapped.


Time to hear what you have to say. Please feel free to hit me in the comments below if there’s any university course that you think should be scrapped too.

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