computer science - a very old PC -

Most University Computer Sciences have not adjusted to the present demands of this fast-moving profession – doesn’t look like they will ever be catching up to me.


By Seun Obatuyi

I want to spit out at the university system. I’m going to lash out at two university courses that I think should be scrapped. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Learn more about me here if you’re wondering what exactly I do here.


Number 1 on this list is Computer Science. Or Computer Technology. The course where some professors still teach students Fortran. Call it whatever you want. You know what I mean.


We didn’t realize early enough it but this course had long died since user-centric internet companies like Amazon and Facebook started stretching aspects of the internet-user experience and influencing how humans interacted with technology and each other. We started having much more specific cross-specialization needs far more detailed than the scope of Computer science could focus on. Needs like Clinical Research Programming With… Big Data Analysis. Android UX Design & C++ Programming.


Specific. Detailed. Across Specializations.


Decades ago it was easy for me or any other idiot to go to university and in five years time, return home with a BSc in Computer Science. But now all that is crap. Utter bullshit. No offense to my Computer-science-reading tech bro who in this post by the way shows you how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria, but it is what it is bro, Computer Science is long dead. And gone.


It’s bullshit because the need of the world has gone past beyond a mere Computer Science. Computer Science kor. Computer Sci-Fi ni. To be a Computer scientist is simply not good enough now. Not even when you consider that what the term “Scientist” instantly brings to your head is the image of a laboratory goggle.


Now follow me and try to connect and let’s see if this works: Scientist. Lab goggles. Test-tube. Test-tube babies. Babies.

We now doing Babies? How in the world did we get here? You must be kidding me!


Well as for me I’m having a hard time trying to connect a profession that reminds me of IVF and test-tube babies with Mobile Technology that’s supposed to be helping me with finding the nearest gas station in the middle of Sambisa.


Computer Science should be scrapped off the list of all universities and they should all just stop trying to mess with my head.


Mass Communication is the second course on my murder list. Read why here.