Courses That Should Be Scrapped Out Of the University System and Should Never Be Heard Of Again – Computer Science

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Most University Computer Sciences have not adjusted to the present demands of this fast-moving profession – doesn’t look like they will ever be catching up to me.


By Seun Obatuyi

I want to spit out at the university system. I’m going to lash out at two university courses that I think should be scrapped. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Learn more about me here if you’re wondering what exactly I do here.


Number 1 on this list is Computer Science. Or Computer Technology. The course where some professors still teach students Fortran. Call it whatever you want. You know what I mean.


We didn’t realize early enough it but this course had long died since user-centric internet companies like Amazon and Facebook started stretching aspects of the internet-user experience and influencing how humans interacted with technology and each other. We started having much more specific cross-specialization needs far more detailed than the scope of Computer science could focus on. Needs like Clinical Research Programming With… Big Data Analysis. Android UX Design & C++ Programming.


Specific. Detailed. Across Specializations.


Decades ago it was easy for me or any other idiot to go to university and in five years time, return home with a BSc in Computer Science. But now all that is crap. Utter bullshit. No offense to my Computer-science-reading tech bro who in this post by the way shows you how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria, but it is what it is bro, Computer Science is long dead. And gone.


It’s bullshit because the need of the world has gone past beyond a mere Computer Science. Computer Science kor. Computer Sci-Fi ni. To be a Computer scientist is simply not good enough now. Not even when you consider that what the term “Scientist” instantly brings to your head is the image of a laboratory goggle.


Now follow me and try to connect and let’s see if this works: Scientist. Lab goggles. Test-tube. Test-tube babies. Babies.

We now doing Babies? How in the world did we get here? You must be kidding me!


Well as for me I’m having a hard time trying to connect a profession that reminds me of IVF and test-tube babies with Mobile Technology that’s supposed to be helping me with finding the nearest gas station in the middle of Sambisa.


Computer Science should be scrapped off the list of all universities and they should all just stop trying to mess with my head.


Mass Communication is the second course on my murder list. Read why here.


  1. Mr. Seun,

    I would have to disagree with you on this. Let me give you what my background looks like so you can understand why I am saying what I am saying. I have a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from OAU, Nigeria. By the side, I am a (self-taught) software developer – meaning, I write computer programs for food. 🙂 .Currently, I am assisting a Prof. (in the US) to teach a course in Computer Engineering called Software Methodologies.

    I have been in the Nigeria software industry for more than 5 years (or 2 years after school – if we are to start counting from after graduation). And my experience has made me realize that what we currently have are hobbyist not computer scientist or engineers. I could only point out a few guys in the industry that I really can call computer scientist or engineers – not even my self. That guy that repairs your computer, power pack, installs your OS or “shows you how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria” is definitely not one. That nerdy guy (me or any other nerd/geek you know), could code in not less than 15 languages but that doesn’t make him a computer scientist or engineer. Engineers are designers – they are professionals not just enthusiasts. The same way you can’t compare a community tailor to a fashion designer.

    One of the problem the Nigeria software industry is that it’s lacking this unique skill; people that understand that software engineering in not the same as programming. Any body can code but not just anybody can develop software. Most software developers in Nigeria follow the Code-Fix model because they don’t even know there is any such thing as software design models. You don’t get to know those by just picking up “Java – how to program” or C-Sharp for dummies. We can leave Big Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Android UX design for MS or Doctoral level research. In fact, there are even inexhaustible online courseware ( for these topics. But to say taking CS out of the option? nada!

    You might argue that nothing is being taught in those computer classes in our Institutions but the same is true for all courses and departments (except may be the Health Science, Law and a few others). I spent 5 years studying Electrical Engineering in OAU. I even graduated summa-cum-laude but many times I feel I would have turned out better if I didn’t go to the University at all. Many of the stuff I do are not as a result of what I learnt from my classes, they are the stuff I picked up by myself. I didn’t let anything to debar me from learning not even my academics. I was ready to fail if only I would learn. Paradox, right? I concentrated more on self development than finishing with a good grade.

    Let me just drop here that I did some really cool stuff (mostly on my own) and I found some of those things taught in class useful even though it turns out that the lecturers themselves don’t really understand what they are teaching. I worked on Brain-Computer Interfacing that allowed someone to control a cursor on the computer screen with just his thought. I even built robots – see this link (…okay, enough ranting!

    • I got a hint earlier on your robotics works and your thought-control machines and checked out your site. “Impressed” would be an understatement. How’s it over there in the future?
      And by the way, some of your words stood out for me like these ones: “I was ready to fail if only I would learn”.

      Ok now before I get distracted, our diverse opinions meet somewhere:

      • – The state of Computer Science courses in the country is in shambles. That’s why some of Nigeria’s best universities still teach FORTRAN and Assembly language.
      • – There’s need for an entire institutional fix in the country As you said, this is tru for all courses, but I feel most especially in Computer Science, because the world moves significantly faster in this field. And apparently every other field is being affected.
      • – So far, this institutional fix hasn’t happened yet. In my post what I suggested, as a fix, is that the BSc Computer Science course in universities should be scrapped. Let the field be interacted with only:
      • 1. on a sacred level, e.g. Big Data Analysis or like you’re doing right now, Software Methodologies
      • 2. a hobbyist level where people can pursue without limits their invention dreams such as on Brain-Computer Interface

      I very well could be wrong. But why do I propose such a shocking solution? Because you said “I feel I would have turned out better if I didn’t go to the University at all.” I’ve haeard many people say this too.
      Like you, I also feel that those four years of BSc Computer Science could be spent ‘failing and learning’ in the proactive context of 21st computer technology, rather in a BSc classroom.

  2. First well said sir ??@ babatunde Isaac ..
    For seun , yes much might not being done currently in the computer science in nigeria , but saying they should scrap it is not the way forward , instead we can take a cue from other world class universities and to adjust the program to be more beneficial to our society. Like some universities abroad they don’t just offer computer science alone , they combine it with courses like computer science with. Elect engineering and so on…
    I pray that the God that giveth wisdom freely will grant you the light to understand this things .

  3. Young man, before you come out and start yarning , like an illetrate,think first!!!
    Do you even know what computer science is really all about and you want your country to scrap it .smh go and read up on wait that was made by computer scientists .
    Your Facebook,oracle and the rest,even Forbes list is not void of computer scientists.
    So instead ,you should talk about ways on how to improve this course , cause if harnessed properly ,can go a long where.Think!!
    Wisdom is profitable to direct …

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