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Ebola Virus in Nigeria – How to Stay Safe

By Seun Obatuyi

The Ebola virus is here (in West Africa) and it hasn’t left yet. At first it was just Sawyer. And then the doctor who attended to him. And then the nurse. And now a total of 10 cases of the ebola virus in Nigeria. As a result of the paranoia scaring people up at night, a stream of information has been flowing around freely on the topic of Ebola virus, and I even know some professors by now.

Ebola Virus l

Ebola Virus

The chief hosts of Ebola virus are bats and apes. Did you know that monkeys are eaten a lot in Liberia? In this video, you can see… (more…)

If Henry Ford were Nigerian

By Seun Obatuyi
If Henry Ford were Nigerian, all of the world would still be riding the exact and same 20-horsepower T-Model that Ford himself built in 1908.

A Ford T-Model

A Ford T-Model

By the way, you may branch here to know more about me and what exactly I do here.

Toyotas. Ferraris. Lambos. Cadillacs. GMCs? Forget all of those.

If Henry Ford were Nigerian, there would be none of a single one of those. We would all still be riding in the original T-Models up till now.


If you’re not Nigerian, you probably demand to know why I would think such a dumb thing. If you’re Nigerian you likely understand what I’m about to talk about. And everything can be summarized in the next short paragraph.


It’s great to be respectful. Really great! But Nigerians are too respectful.


Too respectful of the system. Too respectful of changing how things currently are. Too respectful of saying how we truly feel. We’d rather not tamper with the default settings. Because we feel someone somewhere could disapprove.


If this over-respect is connected with the fear of kini eyan ma JE? (what will man EAT?) is a fight for another day. However what I am certain of is if you took away the ironu of “kini eyan ma je?” from the average Nigerian’s mentality, what you would get is a mind that churns out content as quality as those from the US.


“Shut up, he’s a Senator!”


“Ah No, our daddy in the Lord is a man of God o. Nothing he does is wrong.”


“Kofo is your older sister, you must not argue with her.”


Why not? Why can’t they all be wrong if they are humans? What should be strange about being wrong once in a while?


Here’s another illustration to make my point.


Jack: Hey Bosun, why do you guys…. (more…)

Courses That Should Be Scrapped Out Of the University System and Should Never Be Heard Of Again – Mass Communication

Mass Comunication Gets Personal -

There’s now a whole new level of “personalization” for what was Mass Communication that twenty years ago

By Seun Obatuyi

Mass Communication is the second one on my murder list. The first on my list is Computer Science. You can read my post about that one here. And you can check here if you wonder what exactly I do here.


First, the Mass in the Mass Communication

Mass Communication is on my list for good reason. And I’ll show you why from how the term was coined. Billions of years ago when the course was started, it was a perfect name. People (companies, essentially) wanted to communicate with everybody (all other people) at once. They didn’t understand that there was a need for them to listen.


Let’s take newspapers for example. How do we define a Newspaper? Black prints on pieces of white paper with hundreds of totally unconnected articles printed over a million times and gunning to be sold to middle-age businessmen and addicted female shoppers as well as reluctant high-school… (more…)

Courses That Should Be Scrapped Out Of the University System and Should Never Be Heard Of Again – Computer Science

computer science - a very old PC -

Most University Computer Sciences have not adjusted to the present demands of this fast-moving profession – doesn’t look like they will ever be catching up to me.


By Seun Obatuyi

I want to spit out at the university system. I’m going to lash out at two university courses that I think should be scrapped. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Learn more about me here if you’re wondering what exactly I do here.


Number 1 on this list is Computer Science. Or Computer Technology. The course where some professors still teach students Fortran. Call it whatever you want. You know what I mean.


We didn’t realize early enough it but this course had long died since user-centric internet companies like Amazon and Facebook started stretching aspects of the internet-user experience and influencing how humans interacted with technology and each other. We started having much more specific cross-specialization needs far more detailed than the scope of Computer science could focus on. Needs like Clinical Research Programming With… (more…)

What I Seun Do Here

Scubadiving off the Coast of Bora Bora -

Scubadiving off the coast of Bora Bora – is something that’s gonna be happening.

By Seun Obatuyi

What exactly does Seun do on this blog?

Honestly, I’ve not got the faintest idea yet. Honestly.


Welcome to my blog. But I do know some things about Me.
I am Seun Obatuyi.


I’m always ready to engage anyone who is open in an interesting discussion about basically anything they or I love – for hours. For some reason, this seems to cross out many of the youngwomen I’ve been meeting these days. Unfortunate me, perhaps. My posts may be about these experiences with people. Or not.

What I Do In Real Life

I detest job titles, they are… (more…)